Blood Testing Services are offered through Milk ‘N Honey.  These Services are provided by LifeExtension National Diagnostics Inc.  Blood testing provides important information regarding correctable risk factors which may predispose a person to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.  Standard blood analysis can also provide information as to ones overall level of health and nutritional status and lead to informed decisions as to life style and dietary changes and appropriate nutritional supplementation. 

       While your personal doctor can order blood tests, such tests can be very expensive and they may or may not be covered by insurance.  The cost of blood testing through LifeExtension is very competitive with testing ordered by a doctor and in many cases is much less expensive.  For example, the average cost at a medical facility for a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test is $71.00.  The cost through LifeExtension is $42.00.  

       LifeExtension offers over 100 different blood tests, including very comprehensive male and female blood panels.  For example, the Male Life Extension Panel measures current levels of the hormone DHEA which is a precursor to the production of other hormones in the body.  This panel tests for PSA (prostate specific antigen) which is a marker for enlarged prostate and a potential marker for prostate cancer.

       Homocysteine and C Reactive protein is measured, both of which are associated with potential risk for cardiovascular disease.   Free testosterone, total testosterone and estradiol hormonal levels are measured.  This test includes measurement of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol to HDL ratio.  Triglyceride levels and blood sugar levels are also measured.  Additionally, this test includes liver and kidney function panels, a blood protein analysis, a red and white blood count profile and a blood mineral panel.  A similar test is available for females with adjustments for female hormones.

         Many individual tests are available that measure for specific markers in the body.  There are tests to measure levels of vitamin D, beta carotene, vitamins B12 and folate acid. Levels of the enzyme CoQ10 can be measured.  Levels of adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones can be tested.  There is a test for heavy metals in the blood.  These are just a sample of the many tests available.  

              The procedure for taking a test is as follows:

       #1:  Come to Milk ‘N Honey between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday and select the test or tests you                     want to take.

        #2:  Fill out the Customer Authorization Form and pay for the test(s).

       #3:  Milk ‘N Honey will then fax the appropriate paper work to LifeExtension.

       #4:  LifeExtension will send the test(s) information to your home with a list of the clinics closest to your home that                  are contracted with LifeExtension to perform such tests. 

       #5: You arrange to have blood drawn at one of the recommended clinics and the clinic sends the result to Life                Extension and they mail you a report showing the results of your test(s). 

        The report will show the result of your test(s) and compare such results to a reference range for each test done.  If you have trouble understanding the report of your results, you may call LifeExtension or bring the report to Milk ‘N Honey on a Thursday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM when a certified nutritionist is on staff to help you.  You may also want to discuss the test results with your doctor if the test results show markers out of the normal reference range. 
       Milk ‘N Honey is offering a 25% discount off the list price on any test offered through LifeExtension.