In the summer of 2005, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published their third National Report on Human Exposure To Environmental Chemicals.  The CDC sampled the blood and urine of thousands of people throughout the United States for 148 environmental chemicals.  This report documented the presence of multiple dozens of toxic compounds in human bodies.  Here is a sample of their findings:

         About one in eighteen women of child bearing age have levels of mercury at or above the “safe” levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

        More than 1 in 20 Americans carry dangerous levels of the toxic mineral cadmium which has been linked to kidney malfunction and lowered bone mineral density.

        The pesticide chlorpyrifos, which has been found to damage the nervous system, was found in more than 50% of those tested. 

        Phthalates, which are chemicals found in cosmetics and soft plastics, were found to be more highly concentrated in children’s bodies and at four times the “safe” levels set by the EPA. 

       We have created a very toxic environment in which to live.  Pesticides and herbicides are routinely used in agriculture and we ingest these poisons through the food we eat.  Thousands of chemical compounds are used in manufacturing.  Many of these chemicals have been found to be toxic to the body and associated with a variety of degenerative disease.

       What can we do to limit the impact of toxic chemicals on our health?  We can eat foods that have been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.  Such foods have been shown to have greater nutritional density and freedom from toxic chemicals.  We can drink better water by installing point of use water purification systems in our homes.  We can use body care products that are free from the chemical stew often seen on the labels of such products.

       We can also help our bodies deal with toxicity by using products intended to remove toxic substances from the body.  Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins.  The skin, lungs, colon, lymphatic system, liver and kidneys do a fantastic job considering what they are up against.  Too often, however, these organs become overwhelmed and that is when we fall victim to the effects of toxicity.   We can assist our bodies’ war against toxic overload with several proven detoxification products.

       LiverCare, from a company called Himalaya, has become the worlds #1 liver support formula.  The liver is the “chief chemist” of the body in that it performs more than 500 functions including the elimination of toxins.  The liver is largely responsible for eliminating the toxins we ingest through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  The liver is also responsible for eliminating the toxins generated by any pharmaceutical drugs we may be taking. LiverCare is composed of five herbs that have all been shown to have a therapeutic affect on the liver by increasing its ability to do its many jobs.  Over 300 studies have been done showing the beneficial effects of LiverCare. 

       So effective is this product that it is used in the treatment of serious liver diseases such as hepatitis C, and cirrhosis.  

       While it is important to support the liver in its role as “chief body chemist,” detoxification is a much broader process involving many tissues of the body.  A major route for the elimination of toxins is the colon.  It is in the colon where the wastes of metabolism are accumulated.  If these wastes are not eliminated on a regular daily basis, they will begin to create toxins that will find their way into other areas of the body. Waste material that is not eliminated will also begin to impact on the walls of the colon creating the potential for a variety of colon diseases that are common to millions of Americans.

       The key to preventing colon problems is to increase transit time.  Transit time is the time it takes from the moment you eat a meal to the time you eliminate the wastes from the digestion of that meal.  The shorter the transit time, the less chance there is of waste material accumulating and sticking to the walls of the colon.  Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet will increase transit time.

       Fiber is the non-digestible portion of the foods that we eat.  Your best source of dietary fiber is found in grains, beans, vegetables and fruit. If these items have been processed to any extant, there’s a good chance that some or all of the fiber has been removed. Fruits and vegetables will provide a good variety of different types of fibers.  It is best to eat them in their raw, unprocessed state in order to obtain their maximum fiber and nutritional value as well.

       You can purchase fiber obtained from wheat, oats, rice, corn, apples and grapefruit.  Such fibers can be added to cereals, pastas, meatloaf and a variety of other foods or they can be eaten by themselves.  Psyllium seed fiber, obtained from the psyllium plant, provides an excellent bulking agent, facilitating a soft and easy to eliminate stool.  Using psyllium seed fiber over an extended period of time will accomplish a slow and gentle removal of impacted waste material from the colon.  Another good source of fiber is flax seed. Ground up flax seed provides many nutrients plus good balance between mucilaginous (water holding) fiber and roughage (non-water holding) fiber.

       An important point to remember, when increasing the fiber content of the diet, is to also increase the amount of water that you drink.  Water is a critical component of the entire waste removal process, and fiber demands water for it to properly facilitate waste elimination.  Try to drink purified water!

       Even after increasing the fiber content of the diet, you may still experience a sluggish bowel reflex resulting in poor and irregular eliminations.  Standard over the counter laxatives are habit forming and tend to irritate the bowel into action.  Herbs, such as cascara sagrada and senna leaf, can be used to stimulate the flow of bile from the gall bladder which in turn will create the urge to have a bowel movement. These herbs should not be used routinely as they also can become habit forming.  There are a variety of colon cleansing formulas available from health food stores.  One such product we carry at Milk ‘N Honey is called Herbal Fiber Blend.  This product has proven to be very effective in facilitating good bowel function and cleansing of the colon.

       To do a total body cleanse, we recommend the product Ultimate Cleanse.  This product is designed to facilitate detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys, blood, lymphatics and other tissue systems of the body.  This product is made up of a variety of herbs that have demonstrated efficacy in helping detoxify the body’s organ systems.  Herbs such as Hawthorn berries for the heart and digestion, red clover, red raspberry and burdock root to purify the blood, milk thistle and skullcap to support the liver, are just some of the ingredients that make up this product. In addition to these cleansing herbs, Ultimate Cleanse contains a variety of fibers and specific herbs targeted to detoxify and cleanse the colon. This two part cleansing system has been used by multiple thousands and has an excellent track record of results.